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Gemini - Cia de Artífices

installation / intervention / performance / spetacle

dance + music + visual arts

Idealized to be performed in the most diverse spaces, the performance-installation { Jandiras } was born in 2017, and the project unites contemporary dance and the performance of live lace, with an also live sound landscape. Interacting with the audience and space through the wires and the movement, { Jandiras } speaks of the poetics of our scars. Dance, music and visual arts intertwine in knots, threads, asymmetries and the beauty of the unfinished as metaphors of our insides. The free "I" translated into lines, plots, textures, movement and vibration. The beauty of the imperfect, the asymmetric and the unfinished. Raw poetry. 


registro da performance na íntegra

Hellen Audrey - dance and live lace

Guga Costa - sound landscape

Luana Veiga - art consulting

Denis Kageyama - light designer

Vitor Damiani - photography

approximate duration: 40 minutes

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