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nosso flamenco

Nosso Flamenco

flamenco + Brazilian popular dance and music + modern dance

The show proposes a dialog between Flamenco, modern (or contemporary) dance and Brazilian popular music and dance. Inspired by the main names from the Flamenco art, the project searches the dialog between this art with the Brazilian popular music, through such names as Cartola, Vinicius de Moraes, Baden Powell, Tom Jobim, Sivuca, João Bosco and Chico César. Moreover, inspirations of Brazilian dances and contemporary dance are also present.  

Under the general direction of Guga Costa, Hellen Audrey and Mariana Abreu, the project has already passed through several Brazilian cities, with emphasis on the SESC Circuit of Arts 2017, the Integration Festival 2017, the opening of the 25th Triangulo Mineiro Dance Festival (2016), and the 25th Londrina Dance Festival.   


The show can be hired to be performed in theaters or alternative venues. And there are other hiring options, such as workshops that approach the creative process of the show Nosso Flamenco.

Duration: 60 minutes 

Suitable for all audiences


mini teaser 2018

version for theaters

Nosso Flamenco
Nosso Flamenco
Nosso Flamenco
Nosso Flamenco
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